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Discover Your Voice

- Sessions -

Your voice is amazing.

It is a tool to communicate your thoughts, emotions, dreams,

desires, hopes and fears with the world around you.

In this Series we will explore 


The intention of these sessions is to have FUN

and to explore the innate healing potential of your voice and express freely... 


Create Your Song

We will work together to create lyrics, poetry and imagery to convey a story,

one that comes from your experience or imagination,

a simple song that you can carry with you

everywhere you go on your journey.

"We are the Storytellers,

We are the Dreamers of Dreams

We are the Movers and Shakers

of the world forever

it seems.."

  • your unique voice condition & quality

  • effectiveness & tone

  • useful breathing techniques

  • postures

  • vocal exercises

  • ear training

  • songwriting

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