Pepper Proud
"The Water Chapter" & Awareness Activation Project

All who - Wander - Are not Lost.
We would like to introduce an alluring match of Music Makers, a unique collaboration of Dreamers, a fine frequency for the Future, 

 Organic Electronic Folklorists- Wander.

Wander- was born through the collaboration of producer Masaru Higasa (of CittaFlow), Folk lyricist Pepper Proud and Multi-Instrumentalist Jeff Kimes (CittaFlow). Fusing the sounds of the ancients with the stories of our time- Wander takes the listener on a journey that heals the spirit, warms the heart and remembers our conscious truth.

The Sensational Vibrations that emanate from Wander materialize from a beautiful spectrum of history. Producer Masaru Higasa was born on the mystical Island of Okinawa, Japan where he was first inspired to play with the music of his ansectors- He brings a deeply resonating history through multicultural traditional instruments - and offers a backbone of enticing beats that get the body moving. Pepper Proud was raised in a small community in the southern Appalachian Mountains where her love for storytelling and her roots grew deep in traditional folk music. Engaging and Pleasant as a Lark, her words and instrumentation interlace the music with a visionary outline- a simple story for the journey. Through many years of travel and study of world music, Jeff Kimes calls to our audiotory sense with deeply vibrational sounds of the Didgeridoo, seamless biological beats and gracefully versed percussion. 

This trifecta of sounds from our past and present consoles the Wanderer in all of us, taking the listeners on a timeless journey -back home- to our truth.

More to come soon.......